FCS User Manual - Introduction


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This FCS Manual was created to help you better understand how this system works so you know what you are buying and how you can use it in your forum.

This Forum Comments System add-on allows users to post comments under a reply. This is the most extensive comment add-on available for XF2.

This add-on is already feature complete and in stable condition without any known bug. FCS combines similar functionalities as you can find in vB5, Facebook and XF2.

Comments in the forum helps save space, makes forum more organized, save you time when reading thread, and more eye friendly.

Here I've made first example of using this FCS in a forum. There are two threads. Both with exactly the same posts in the same sequence. One thread is with comments and the second is done the traditional XF way, using quotes, without comments (never mind the content, it's just an example not real opinions).

This thread is with comments: What are you listening to? - with comments
- all responses nicely stacked under one post. well organized, space saving, easy to read and see what other people think about the post.

This thread is without comments: This thread is done the traditional XF way using quotes, without comments: What are you listening to? - no comments
- Now, you decide what looks nicer.

This is a very extensive comments system so please read this manual to better understand how this Forum Comments System works.


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