[UW] Smileys Bar 2.1.0

Change log

🔹Option to add any smiley form the smileys menu emojis categories. In the admin, under Smileys Bar settings (Setup->Options->[UW] Smileys Bar), you can insert any smiley, from the stock emojis categories ( People, Nature, Food, Activity, Travel, Objects, Symbols, Flags ) into the Smileys Bar.
And from Content->Smilies->Uncategorized smilies(these are the Smileys Bar smileys) you can remove any smiley you want.
So this way you can build completely your own Smileys Bar.


🔹When the "Recently used" category is down in the smileys menu, an option to add smileys width and padding has been added.


🔸When toggle BB code, the BB code kept multiplying always when you had for example bold text with different size. So this was fixed.
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